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Happy Chocolate Day 2017 [Chocolate Day Greetings, Wishes, SMS Messages, Quotes, Poems]

Hi Friends, I am here to provide you some of the romantic Chocolate day Love Quotes and Chocolate day messages for boyfriends. Chocolate day is the most romantic day of the Valentine’s week and it is celebrated on 09th February. On this chocolate day offer the sweetest and delicious chocolate that your partner likes to eat whenever she/he wants to find the taste of the delicious chocolate in their mouth. On this day lovers as a love and care for each other offer chocolates to their partner. Giving chocolate on the Chocolate day sweetens the romantic relationship.

Lovers and Couples share the Chocolates to each other and enjoy it. Chocolate is an important symbol of love and it is still bought by men to impress his life mates. Here are some of the collection of Sweet Chocolate SMS, Happy Chocolate Day Messages, Chocolate Poems Funny, Quotes about Chocolates and love which you can share them with your loved ones.

Happy Chocolate Day Quotes, Wishes, Greetings:

1.       I dream, I breathe only for you, my every prayer is for you, I need no one else in my life but you. Happy chocolate day My Love.”

2.       My dear, 

you are so soft like dairy milk, 
you are so silky like Cadbury milk, 
and you are so lovely like my sweet heart.
Happy chocolate day……

3.       If u r a chocolate u r the sweetest, if u r a Teddy Bear u r the most huggable, If u are a Star u r the Brightest, and since u r my FRIEND u r the Best!

4.       Lovely chocolate and Lovely u, 

And Lovely are the things you do, 
but the loveliest is the friendship of the two, 
one is me and other is u!

5.       The Sweetness of a Chocolate Remains In the Tongue for a Minute. But, The Sweetness Of A Person Remains In The Heart For The Whole Life. Happy Chocolate Day My Dear.

6.       None of the Chocolates across the miles was sweeter than you or your Lovely Smile J Happy Chocolate Day!

7.       Life is Like a Chocolate

Box, Each Chocolate Is
Like a Portion of Life, 
Some are Crunchy, 
Some are Nutty, Some are soft, 
but all are Delicious.
Happy Chocolate Day
to My Love!

8.       I Searched Many Shops to Buy the Best Chocolate for you. But I Didn’t Find Any Chocolate Sweeter than you and your Smile.

9.       If you believe in valentine day, you must believe in valentine week, if you believe in life, you must believe in heart beats, if you believe in love, you must believe in you and me. Happy chocolate day…J.

10.   I am wishing you a very happy chocolate day my sweet heart, as chocolates are necessary for healthy body, and true and devoted love is necessary of happy life.

11.   Tera Yeh Meetha Sa Pyaar, Laya Hai Mere Jeevan Me Bahar, Is Pyaar Ki Mithas Hai Ek Waar, Chocolate Day pe Mai Karta Hu Pyar Ka Izhaar, Happy Chocolate Day.

12.   Its Chocolate Day .... so lets celebrate the occassion with chocolatethat will make the occassion all the more sweet! 

13.   Know what describes you best...Chocolate ! Bcz you are sweet! Happy Chocolate Day!!

14.   I want to be with u until the sun falls from the Sky. Happy Chocolate Day!!

15.   Sweetheart you are sweet, tempting and simply irresistible like Chocolate J Happy Chocolate Day My Dear!

16.   True Happiness will be found only in true love but a chocolate can deliver it.... Happy Chocolate Day!

17.   My dear Valentine, My heart is so soft like a chocolate, so always enjoy its taste and flavour, but never break it rudely. Happy Chocolate Day.......

18.   I love you like a chewing gum, I always give you feeling of happiness, I never leave you alone, and I would help in your all problems. Happy chocolate day…..

19.   A Day without Chocolate Is a Day without Sunshine, Life without Chocolate Is Like a Beach without Water, Same Thing Like The Chocolates, And My Life Would Suck Without You!!!

20.   All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn't hurt - Happy Chocolate day!!

21.   Tyohar Pyaar Ka Aya Hai

Sang Apne Khushiya Laya Hai.
Na Rahe Koi Bhi Rang Feeka
Kar Lete Hain Pehle Kuch Muh Meetha.
Happy Chocolate Day!!

22.   Zindagi me bar bar sahara nahi milta..Bar bar koi pyar se pyara nahi milta..Hai jo paas use sambhal k rakhna..kho kar wo fir kabhi dobara nahi milta…Happy Chocolate Day!!!

23.   My dear Valentine you are so unique, so caring and faithful, Just like a Cadbury milk chocolate, Happy Chocolate Day....

24.   A melting Chocolate makes mouth watery, and having a girl friend like you, makes everyone proud. Happy Chocolate Day......

25.   May you be always the most sweet and loved friend of mine! Wish you a happy chocolate day!  You are a chocolate and thus you are sweetest.

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