Friday, 10 February 2017

Valentine's Day Dress Code 2017 [Feb 14th Colour Combination for Dress Code]

Hello Friends, I am here to describe you the Valentine's Day Dress code for week days. This is a day celebrated by lovers with joy all over the world.  The Valentines Day dress colours meaning has significance in deciding ones mood and can convey message to him or her. Everyone wants to impress their valentines by putting on different colors of dresses within this auspicious day. We have published some best Lovers dress codes. Go through the articles to know the best colour dress that suites you on this special day. Because whatever dress you wear that express your feelings and emotions towards the Valentine’s Day.

Many of the people who celebrate this occasion much concern about the Valentine's Day Dress Code which represents their status. Different colours will have different meaning which will convey your desire sentiments and gratitude for your dearest one. Check here for which category you belong like happy in relationship, broke up, accepting proposal or rejecting it. Find the Meaning of dress codes of Valentine’s Day from below.  And be careful while choosing the Valentines colour meaning.

Valentine’s Day Dress Codes 2017:

Blue Colour – Love applications Invited
Green Colour – I am waiting
Red Colour– Two side, already in love
Black Colour – Rejected proposal
White Colour– Sorry dear, I am already booked
Orange Colour– Going to propose
Pink Colour– Proposal accepted
Grey/Purple Colour – Not interested, better luck next time
Yellow Colour – Broke up 
Brown Colour – Broken hearts

Above I have mentioned the Valentine’s Day Dress Codes which decide your status.  If you worn blue it means that you inviting for love application. So guys those who are already engaged please avoid blue on Valentine’s Day. Because this Valentine’s Day Dress Color Code plays a very crucial role on Valentine’s Day.  Our Colors specifies more than us, don’t be wrong in choosing category of color.

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